Food Delivery Workers: Riding the Waves of Uncertainty

Published by AMP Singapore and the Centre for Research on Islamic and Malay Affairs (RIMA), 2021

ISBN: 978-981-18-1729-8

For several years, the gig economy, specifically the food delivery sector, has been experiencing a surge in demand as the result of fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour. The delivery boom has also created massive new employment opportunities that have pulled in a diverse demographic of workers from various backgrounds. Food delivery workers are now part of a growing workforce comprised of contract-for service workers (workers who have client-contractor relationships instead of one that is between an employer and employee).

The study seeks clarity on the different types of food delivery workers, the reasons why they joined the business, and how they utilise the perks and cope with the perils that come with the job. More importantly, it also expounds on how food delivery workers view their long-term employability and what actions are typically taken to ensure that they do not descend into a vicious cycle of adverse socio-economic outcomes when industry, market, or consumer trends do not work in their favour.

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