Muslim Converts in Singapore

RIMA Brief - December 2023 Muslim Converts in Singapore Speakers: Mr. Kaven Siddique Lim and Mr. Edwin Ignatious   Key Takeaways  1. It is apt to not generalise factors behind conversion as converts discover and learn about Islam in different situations.  2. With the...

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Contemporary Sufism in Singapore

RIMA Brief - September 2023 Contemporary Sufism In Singapore Speaker: Dr. Muhammad Mubarak Habib Mohamed   Key Takeaways 1. In recent years, Singaporean Muslims have become more open towards Sufism classes, while newly-established Sufi groups are active both...

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Contemporary Salafism in Singapore

RIMA Brief - February 2022 Contemporary Salafism In Singapore Speakers: Haziq Jani and Syed Huzaifah Alkaff   Key Takeaways 1. Salafism is not a monolith. Salafis are a diverse community with different references for religious resources and different networks of...

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