RIMA Internship Programme

RIMA offers internships to a select number of students each year. The internship programme comprises three tiers; catering to those at pre-university and below, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

During their internship, students will be able to develop a number of transferable skills which will be of great benefit to their future careers. In particular, for those who aspire to a career in research, the internship will offer valuable insights into the preparation and operationalisation of research projects, including survey design, analysis and presentation of findings.

Pre-university and below:

  •  Available during the June and November school holidays.
  •  Assist with fact-checking for various research projects.
  •  Assist with various administration tasks on an ad-hoc basis.


  •  First to Honours year of undergraduate study.
  •  Available during the summer vacation months.
  •  Assist with the operationalisation of research projects.
  •  Contribute to commentaries/opinion editorials to be published in AMP’s & RIMA’s quarterly publication.


  • Available throughout the year.
  • Collation and analysis of survey findings.
  • Assist with various operational aspects of research projects.
  • Assist with organisation of RIMA events.

To apply, please send your resume and indicate your availability for the programme to enquiry@rima.sg



“Last summer, I had the privilege of joining RIMA as a Research Intern. I had entered this internship nervous about what to expect, and I’ve left it incredibly grateful for the opportunity. To be a part of a team that was not only incredibly warm and patient with me, but also passionate about what they were doing was very inspiring. As a Research Intern, I was heavily involved in the research process of an ongoing study, namely by conducting extensive literature reviews and transcribing of data. As this was my first research internship, it was very exciting to contribute to the development of a study, and to see the findings slowly come together over time. I’ve always believed in the role research plays in bettering society, and this journey has really solidified that for me. Not only does research shed light on issues that society might take for granted, it also made me look inwards, challenging taken-for-granted notions I too might have. It has also reminded me of what I find meaningful and would love to put my energy towards, strengthening my interest in academia. From this internship, I gained invaluable skills that would greatly benefit me in the future if I were to seriously pursue a career in the field.  

To my pleasant surprise, I was also given the opportunity to contribute to The Karyawan, a quarterly publication by AMP and RIMA. This gave me an opportunity to make my voice heard, and write about issues I truly cared about alongside other professionals. It also challenged me to write in a way that was scholarly yet easily understandable to the general public too. This internship was evidently everything I hoped for – and more. Though certain aspects of the process were challenging due to my lack of experience, it never felt daunting because of the guidance I received from my supervisors, Mr Sheikh Farouq and Dr Humairah Zainal. To them, I am grateful for the chance they took on me.”

Shantini Rajasingam, Sociology undergraduate and University Scholar at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). (Research intern, 2021) 

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